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Stress Nil - STRESS RELIEF CAPSULES are a combination of traditionally proven herbs that supports energy levels and overall well-being.

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Cortisol is the ‘stress hormone’ made by the adrenal glands and released when the body is under mental and physical pressure. Low levels of cortisol are associated with adrenal fatigue syndrome and can lead to feelings of tiredness, mood swings, and poor immune function.
Ashwagandha is popularly known as 'Indian Ginseng ' and is found in the drier parts of sub-tropical India.It is extensively used in Ayurveda, the traditional health care system in India.
LIKELY USERS: People who have a stressful life, having long hours of work, feeling low in the evening and sleeplessness.

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    Excellent Stress Relief, Mood swing Product.


Pack size
90 Capsules (500 mg)
Product category
Targeted Nutrition
Active ingredient(s)
Ashwagandha (root), Licorice (root), Amla, Long pepper (fruit), Pepper (fruit).
Product ideal for
Product usage / dosage
Take 2 Capsules, 2 times daily with meals.

Heath Benefits of STRESS NIL

• Immediate support for cortisol hormone.
• Cortisol and Adrenal Neurotransmitter support.
• Licorice Root offers strong, immediate support for cortisol hormone.

Disclaimer : This Product is not intended to diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any disease.