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Optimeal - Instant Mushroom Garlic Soup Powder Mix is a unique blend of protein, CLA and dietary fibers. Each serving of soup is not just tasty but it also has high nutrient content.

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Optimeal mushroom garlic soup is a unique blend of protein, CLA and dietary fibers.
CLA: Increases the Basal Metabolic Rate, Decreases fat deposition especially on abdominal lipocytes cells, Lowers the Cholesterol; Triglycerides suppress appetite and enhances muscle growth, Increases Immunity.
Protein: Great sources of BCAA, Bioactive components including β-Lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, Ig and lactoferrin. One of whey 's major effects is its apparent ability to raise glutathione (GSH).GSH is required for the proper function of the immune system.
Dietary Fiber: It alleviates constipation and discomfort associated with digestive disorders, Enhances the gut microflora and nutrient absorption.
Mushroom blend: The bioactive compounds produced by the mushrooms include polysaccharides & β-glucans and they enhance the activity of antibodies. It detoxifies the accumulated toxins and improves body resistance to stress and infections.
Spices & Condiments: Black pepper- Anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-flatulent properties.
Garlic and Clove - Medicinal values are fever, asthma, hypertension, constipation, skin diseases & treat toothache, nausea, flatulence and indigestion respectively.
LIKELY USERS : People under a lot of stress; People who suffer stress-related eating; people with negative effects of stress such as abdominal obesity, overeating and low energy levels, diabetics, heart attack etc.
Highly suitable for people with busy lifestyle to gain complete nutrition along with exotic taste.
The Fibers present in the mix act as prebiotics thereby maintaining the gut flora and maintains probiotic balance in our system. It is free from soy and MSG.

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Pack size
Product category
Instant Soup Mix
Active ingredient(s)
Mushroom, Whey powder & Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Product ideal for
Enhance metabolism
Product usage / dosage
Mix one sachet (21g) of powder with 120ml of warm water.

Health Benefits

• Increases the Basal Metabolic Rate.
• Increase Immunity.
• Suppress appetite.
• Aiding in weight loss, strengthening the bones, promoting skin health and reducing inflammation.

Disclaimer : This Product is not intended to diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any disease.