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Colostrum any infection defense


Colostrum is rich in growth factors, lactoferrin, antimicrobial factors, and Immunoglobulin all of the action as the first line of defense from any infection, promotes tissue growth, maturation of digestive tract, and maintain the gut flora in our system.

Bovine colostrum (BC) constituents are 100-fold to 1000-fold more potent than human colostrum. 

The immunoglobulins and lactoferrin are effective to build natural immunity in newborns and children. Lactoferrin naturally inherited physiological and protective functions, including antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activities, regulation of iron absorption in the bowel and anticancer properties.

The modern research studies are indicating that colostrum supplements are the prospects for curing diseases like cardiovascular diseases, AIDS, wound healing, gastrointestinal disorders, infectious diseases, and certain cancers.

Our product Prostrum is a unique blend of ultra-strength bovine colostrum with potent probiotics.

It supplies broad-spectrum all natural antiviral, antibacterial elements, Maintains healthy intestinal flora, Balances Immunity, Repair & growth of Cell, Burns fat & Grows muscle and reduces the side effect of certain drugs.

People with the underactive immune system, autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, improve immunity, built lean muscle mass and recovery due to sports injury/ wound healing.

A healthy intestinal tract has over 400 different species of micro-organisms living there. They make up about two pounds of body weight.

SUGGESTED USE: Children - 1 spoon daily, Adults - 2 spoons daily at least for 90 days. Must be taken on an empty stomach or between meals with the 1-hour gap.


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